Journey in the Word

Karen Ingrid Clark

Ruth: Loss to Legacy

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Week Four – Day 1WK04D01

Read Ruth 4:1 -6               SOAP Ruth 4:5-6

Why did the man who was first in line to be Ruth’s kinsman-redeemer turn it down?

Now Boaz had gone up to the gate and sat down there. And behold, the redeemer, of whom Boaz had spoken, came by. So Boaz said, “Turn aside, friend; sit down here.” And he turned aside and sat down. And he took ten men of the elders of the city and said, “Sit down here.” So they sat down.Then he said to the redeemer, “Naomi, who has come back from the country of Moab, is selling the parcel of land that belonged to our relative Elimelech. So I thought I would tell you of it and say, ‘Buy it in the presence of those sitting here and in the presence of the elders of my people.’ If you will redeem it, redeem it. But if you[a] will not, tell me, that I may know, for there is no one besides you to redeem it, and I come after you.” And he said, “I will redeem it.”Then Boaz said, “The day you buy the field from the hand of Naomi, you also acquire Ruth[b] the Moabite, the widow of the dead, in order to perpetuate the name of the dead in his inheritance.” Then the redeemer said, “I cannot redeem it for myself, lest I impair my own inheritance. Take my right of redemption yourself, for I cannot redeem it.”

O – Boaz was true to his word – he went to the city gate (where the men would gather) and approached the other redeemer.  “And behold” shows up again in scripture – God is STILL in control.  NO happenstance here!  *“Behold (02009) (hinneh) is an interjection meaning behold, look, now; if. “It is used often and expresses strong feelings, surprise, hope, expectation, certainty, thus giving vividness depending on its surrounding context.”  * (PreceptAustin)

Boaz also found ten elders (leaders) of the city and asked them to sit in on the meeting.   The city gate was where all “business” was conducted, so this would be considered a legal matter, and the ten men would be “witnesses.”  Boaz was going to conduct this transaction in a business=like manner.

He presented the deal – Naomi wanted to sell off her land.  He offered to allow the other redeemer to redeem the land – and if he didn’t want it, Boaz would do so.  The redeemer said that he would redeem it.  Did he think that the land just came with Naomi, who was too old to have more children?  There would be no risk to himself – just more land.

THEN Boaz presented the rest of the deal :  Ruth comes with the field, in order to preserve the name of the dead (Elimelech and Mahlon).  In other words, the redeemer would “inherit” Ruth in order to allow the line of Elimelech to continue – any proceeds would rightfully belong to his line, not the redeemer’s. Since Ruth was young enough to have children, the land would then belong to Elimelech’s line.  So, the redeemer would “inherit” both Ruth, and Naomi.  And – Ruth is mentioned as “Ruth the Moabite”, which may have been a negative factor in this deal.

The answer?  “I can’t risk (jeopardize) my own inheritance – you take it.” * Jeopardize (07843) (shachath/shahat) means to spoil, to ruin, to destroy, to pervert, to corrupt, to become corrupt, to wipe out….  The kinsman redeemer is concerned that to fulfill the role of the go’el might “utterly corrupt” his estate, for he would have both Naomi and Ruth to support. Furthermore he did not want the field to be inherited by Ruth’s future son instead of members of his own family.* (PreceptAustin)

What a comparison of two men.  One was willing to risk what he owned to allow credit (both monetarily and in inheritance) to go to another.  The other didn’t want to risk what he had to possibly risk it to honor someone else’s name.

A – What are my take-aways from today?

Am I a person of my word?   Do I say that I will take care of something and then back down, or do I, like Boaz, set it in my heart to carry out my word?  Boaz wasted no time in carrying out his word to fulfill the role of redeemer.

Where are my values?  Are they “live for today and protect my own interests”, or are they more in line with Boaz’s?  Are they to “do the right thing”?

What a blessing it must have been for Ruth to see this man of integrity continue to demonstrate what was in his heart.  Not only did he act in integrity towards her, but also in his conducting of business in the community.  God’s provision is ALWAYS the best – and He provided for Ruth, a foreigner, one who others did not want.  But Boaz did – and did so in the name of redeemer.  Not for his benefit, but for hers.

P – Father God, You provide so much in Your word that encourages me.  Even the story of Ruth, a foreigner, an outcast in her new land, You provided for her needs – a home, companionship, a new life.  You provided that for me.  You provided for my needs.  You have given me a home here in Indy.  You provided companionship and love.  You provided ministry that speaks to my heart and soul.  Thank You, Father.   Let my life be a blessing today to those I encounter.   Amen.

He Knows My Name – Francesca Battistelli –

Spent today in a conversation
In the mirror face to face with
somebody less than perfect
I wouldn’t choose me first if
I was looking for a champion
In fact I’d understand if
You picked everyone before me
But that’s just not my story
True to who You are
You saw my heart
and made
Something out of nothing

I don’t need my name in lights
I’m famous in my Father’s eyes
Make no mistake
He knows my name
I’m not living for applause
I’m already so adored
It’s all His stage
He knows my name oh, oh,
He knows my name oh, oh

I’m not meant to just stay quiet
I’m meant to be a lion
I’ll roar beyond a song
With every moment that I’ve got
True to who You are
You saw my heart
and made
Something out of nothing

He calls me chosen, free forgiven, wanted, child of the King,
His forever, held in treasure…
I am loved

I don’t need my name in lights…
I’m famous in my Father’s eyes…


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