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Karen Ingrid Clark

Ruth: Loss to Legacy

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Week Three – Day 4WK03D04

Read Ruth 3:12-13           SOAP Ruth 3:12-13

For some it may seem like the interaction between Ruth and Boaz was inappropriate. How would you explain what happened?

Why did Boaz first have to check with the other kinsman-redeemer?

12 And now it is true that I am a redeemer. Yet there is a redeemer nearer than I.13 Remain tonight, and in the morning, if he will redeem you, good; let him do it. But if he is not willing to redeem you, then, as the Lord lives, I will redeem you. Lie down until the morning.”

O – Yes, Boaz was the redeemer.  A redeemer, but second in line.  There was another redeemer, a closer relative.  So – he had “first rights,” or “first refusal.”  Boaz told Ruth to remain for the night (remember, this was around midnight), and then he would approach the redeemer that was closer.  One way or another (either the closer redeemer, or Boaz himself), Ruth would be redeemed.

I wonder if Naomi would have sent Ruth to the “other redeemer” if she had known he existed…. Or, did Naomi send  Ruth to Boaz because she knew of his character and reputation?   But – Boaz knew!  And he was ready to “do right” by Ruth.

From PreceptAustin:  *Boaz did not withhold the truth from Ruth that there was another go’el, for he did not want to give her false hope. Joy and peace based on ignorance of the truth is delusion and always leads to disappointment. The greatest concern of Boaz was for Ruth’s redemption, even if that meant another go’el accomplished the goal. Boaz was not willing to sacrifice his integrity for the sake of expediency (a good lesson for all saints of all ages!). He sought do God’s will in God’s way for God’s glory. He knew that if it were really from the Lord, than he would be able carry out the redemptive transaction in an orderly and proper way.*

Boaz showed his integrity in having Ruth remain, in safety, for the rest of the night – but also by allowing the rights of the other kinsman-redeemer (go’el) to be played out.  Even though he certainly was “interested” in Ruth, he was certainly more interested that the right thing be done, even if Ruth was claimed by another redeemer.  This was even done by an oath, a promise, a covenant – that he would redeem Ruth, if he had the right to.

The rights of the go’el (kinsman-redeemer) included property, but also the family line.  So – not just rights, but responsibility to allow heirs of the deceased carry on through the birth of more children, attributed to the deceased.  Boaz was willing, and even committed to doing this – IF the closer go’el was not.

A – Am I a woman of excellence?  Of integrity?  Do I think of the needs of others – above my own?   We are a selfish generation.  A selfish country.  A selfish society.  Do I go along with the cultural mores – because that is the norm?  Or – do I, like Boaz, consider the needs of others?  Am I willing to sacrifice what I want, or desire, for the benefit of others who may be “first” in line – or who would benefit from my leaning back?  I’m thinking of the distinct change in my mindset since moving here to Indy, and the whole idea of team, and ministry, and the greater good.  This past weekend challenged that thought – and I saw how God worked in the greater good of the worship team.   And now, working on schedules and teams, it is becoming easier to think in terms of team, and what “I” want.  THAT is God at work – in me.

Am I willing to place myself under the protection of my God?  Of my husband?  For many years, I operated under the umbrella of “self-protection” – having to fend for myself, and my mother.  Sometimes, there was help from a male sibling, but it really was “us.”  And there were times that we said to each other, “this would be easier with a man in the house.”  Knowing that there was an element of “protection” with a man.  But – no man in the house.   It really was relying on God’s protection, and doing the best that we could, and “making do.”   Now, I am in a different place of protection.  Do I do this willingly?  I think so, although sometimes the “independence” in me rises and struggles.  Not so much in actions, but in thinking that it is “ok” to have that protection.

Here’s another question.  Am I willing to sacrifice integrity for expediency?  Like Boaz, am I willing to do God’s will in God’s way for God’s glory?  OR, do I sacrifice that for my own glory?  Do I rush ahead of Him?

P  – Father God, You are the God of the impossible.  Just like you provided protection for Ruth in the form of go’el, in Boaz, You do the same for me.  You provided protection for many years, when I, like Naomi, did not have the protection of marriage.  You kept me safe.  You provided.  You extended what I had to meet needs – in impossible ways.  And now, You are providing in a different way, in the umbrella and protection of marriage.  Thank You, Lord, for this provision.   You are good.  Help me to live in this protection, living a life of redemption and integrity.  Develop in me a heart that seeks You first, not me.  Develop in me a heart that thinks of others and their needs, not my own.  May I be a woman of excellence today.

God of the Impossible –

My biggest storm one drop of rain

My raging fire, a candle flame

My deepest ocean is

like a puddle at Your feet

My darkest valley my greatest mountain

They are Your prairie

for You are constant

Your ways are higher than any other

So I will sing

God of the impossible

Maker of all miracles

I stand in awe of You

I’m so amazed by how You

Reach into my brokenness

Make me beautiful again

I believe, yes, I believe

Nothing is impossible with You

When I am weak You are my strength

And all Your power is made complete

You turn my failures to victories

Hallelujah, hallelujah


Healer, Healer

I’m restored by a healer

Provider, Provider

I am filled by a provider

Deliverer, Deliverer

I’m set free by a deliverer

Savior, you’re my Savior

I’m redeemed by a savior


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