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Karen Ingrid Clark

You Are Forgiven

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You Are Forgiven –   Have you wondered WHY we need to be forgiven?  How does forgiveness affect us?  Affect our relationship with our Heavenly Father?  Affect our relationship with others?You Are Forgiven - book

Join in this study, starting on Monday, August 29, 2016.   Just reading the advance copy of the book has generated a sense of excitement deep within me.  Forgiveness?   Excitement?   Do they REALLY go together?   YES!   A resounding YES!

If you want to learn more of God’s forgiveness and its far-reaching effects in YOUR life, check out this book at Amazon. com.

If you have yet to place your order for the new book, you can today via Amazon [Prime!]:

Then, join in a study group.   You can check out, or ask me to join the group that I am facilitating.  But – do it soon…..   we start on August 29!

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