Journey in the Word

Karen Ingrid Clark

Growing Through Prayer – How to Pray

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Day Two – Read Psalm 37:7-8 ESV   SOAP Psalm 38:7,8WK4D2.jpg

Be Still my Soul – (Kari Jobe) –

Be Still and Know –

7 Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; fret not yourself over the one who prospers in his way, over the man who carries out evil devices!

8 Refrain from anger, and forsake wrath! Fret not yourself; it tends only to evil.

O – I couldn’t read JUST verses 7 and 8 of this Psalm!   For years, this has been one of my “go to” passages.  During my years at Houghton College, spiritual emphasis week was a highlight.  The passage from Psalm 37 was used one year – and deeply impacted me.  “FRET NOT.”  By nature, I am a worrier.  Not on the outside, oh, I am SO able to cover that.  But, on the inside, my mind and stomach can churn and be distressed.  Yes, I am able to hide it, but as yesterday’s reading pointed out, I CAN’T hide it from God!  But, reading this psalm over and over has helped me learn – and practice – “fretting not”.  That, too, is part of prayer!  Especially when we see evil triumph in the short term.

How do we “fret not”?

  • We know that, in God’s time, they will wither and fade out (v. 1,2)
  • I need to TRUST in God – and do good (what He asks me to do as shown in His word (v. 3)
  • I need to DELIGHT myself in Him – to enjoy my time with Him, to make Him my first priority – and know that He will grant the desires of my heart – which should line up with His word as well…. (And how He has!) (v. 4)
  • I need to COMMIT my way, my direction to Him and TRUST in Him along the way (thinking a “flashlight walk” here…) (v. 5)
  • I need to BE STILL before Him and to wait patiently – to NOT go ahead of Him, but to wait quietly, to be still , to “actively wait” (oh, how I learned this in 2010-2012 while I was job seeking!) (v7)
  • I need to FRET NOT when evil seems to triumph , to NOT be angry – because it only leads to evil (and bitterness) (v. 8)
  • I could spend ALL DAY in this Psalm!! I need to PRAY this psalm when I worry and fret!

A – So many times, we think of waiting and “being still” as being passive.  It isn’t!  It is “actively waiting” – on Him.  It is not the sit-on-my-hands waiting, but seeking Him, being still before Him, listening to His voice through His word.  It is also giving what I am worried about over to Him – and letting Him handle the burden.  Not me.  And – not taking it back once I’ve given it over to Him.  I NEED that being still posture in my life – to remove myself from the ordinary busy-ness – and being STILL.  Before Him.  With Him.

P – Father God – I wait for You to continue Your work in me.  I confess that I want, and even get anxious about, what You would have me to do here in Indy.  I confess that my anxiousness is NOT what You would have me to do.  Is it to just BE?   Is it to be STILL?   Is it to continue learning to wait?  Father God – help me to learn Your way – to allow You to direct my steps.  Father God, lead me today.  Help me to KNOW what YOU have for me.  And in the meantime – to be STILL before You.  To be WITH You.  To BE.  To learn of You.  Help me to be content, and satisfied, with that, today.


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