Journey in the Word

Karen Ingrid Clark

Christmas reflections – No Room??

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Luke 2:  6-7 – While they were there, the time came for the baby to be born, and she gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and placed him in a manger, because there was no guest room available for them.

O, A – I have often wondered what it would have been like to be at the stable when Christ was born.  An animal barn.  I remember the small pony shed that my dad built when we took care of his friend’s pony for a few years.  It was dirty, smelly, and dank.  Would I want to give birth there?  Certainly not!   Even cleaned up, and freshly mucked, it was not pleasant.  But, Mary gave birth to our Savior in such a place.  He was wrapped in cloths, and put in a manger – an animal food trough.  Not freshly washed blankets.  No fancy crib or bassinet.  A food trough, probably lined with straw.

Why would God choose such a place for His Son’s birth?  Why not a palace?  Or a fancy hotel or hospital?  He sent His Son into what we would consider a mess – because probably that is our state.  A mess.   Dirty, smelly, dank.  Not pleasant.  Sin is like that.  There was no room anywhere else – and He came.  Into a dark, dirty, smelly place.  Into our dark, dirty, and unpleasant lives.

Do I have room for Jesus in my life today?  Do I make the time, the energy, the effort – to include Him in my daily walk?  I have room for other things….  Things that I don’t think about – but just add them to my life.  “Room for pleasure, room for business, but for Christ the Crucified…”  “Room and time now give to Jesus….”

P – Father God, I clear my heart today for You.  As I work to clean, launder clothing, make dinner – bring my thoughts to You.  Help me to reflect and meditate on You – how to not just “make room” – but to swing my heart’s door WIDELY OPEN.    Come in.  Make it home.  Clean out the disorder in my heart and arrange it to YOUR liking.

Piano – just haunting….  Have You any Room for Jesus –

Vocal – Have you any Room for Jesus  –

No Room – Have you Any Room for Jesus (Evie)

  1. Have you any room for Jesus,
    He who bore your load of sin?
    As He knocks and asks admission,
    Sinner, will you let Him in?

    • Refrain:
      Room for Jesus, King of Glory!
      Hasten now His Word obey;
      Swing the heart’s door widely open,
      Bid Him enter while you may.
  2. Room for pleasure, room for business,
    But for Christ the Crucified,
    Not a place that He can enter,
    In the heart for which He died?
  3. Have you any room for Jesus,
    As in grace He calls again?
    Oh, today is time accepted,
    T’morrow you may call in vain.
  4. Room and time now give to Jesus,
    Soon will pass God’s day of grace;
    Soon thy heart left cold and silent,
    And thy Savior’s pleading cease.

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